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Doing Stuff for the Sake of Doing Stuff is Not the Same Thing as Productive Action

Brad and Steve examine the difference between doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff and doing stuff because it is meaningful, valuable, and because you want to. 

Especially amidst uncertainty, people tend to throw themselves into action. Sometimes this is merely a way to distract or numb yourself from facing a challenging situation. But if the actions you take are in alignment with your core values, then they become more powerful and healthy. Your core values are internal and relatively stable; they don’t change, even when everything around you is. In this way, your core values can pretty much always guide your actions. 

The goal isn’t to wallow in sadness, despair, angst, or whatever emotion you might be feeling. But it’s also not to do stuff just for the sake of doing stuff. The goal is to take meaningful action. This episode explores the science, art, and practice of how to do just that.

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