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Finding Stability in a Frenetic World

In this behind-the-scenes podcast, Steve interviews Brad on his new book The Practice of Groundedness. Where did the idea for the book come from? How do you go from an idea to a fleshed-out framework? Will groundedness help you run a faster 5k? All of those questions and more are answered in this week’s podcast.…

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The Mind Outside of Your Head

People often think of the brain and the mind as the same thing. But they are not. The brain is an organ inside your skull. The brain contributes to the mind — or your thoughts, feelings, and general consciousness — but it is only a small part of it. Your mind is also made up…

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Determining the Greatest of All Time

We take a slight divergence from our usual topics to dive into one of those perennial questions with no possible answer: Who is the greatest of all time? To give ourselves at least some constraints, we narrow down into the world of sports. Our goal for this discussion was to entertain and, perhaps more practically,…

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How to Spot Guru Syndrome (And What to Do About It)

With conspiracy theories—on everything from diet, to exercise, to a global pandemic and vaccines—flying left and right, we wanted to devote some time to understanding the tendencies behind the people who spread these ideas. The goal is not to dunk on them (though we definitely do some of that) but more importantly, to use these…

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