How to Change Your Mind


In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve explore cognitive dissonance and why it’s so hard to change a mind—both your own or that of another. They delve deep into the psychological, physical, and social reasons that people stick to their guns, even when it benefits them to think differently, and they discuss strategies to overcome this. In their words, “it’s fine to love a certain idea, concept, or approach—just don’t marry it.”

They refer to being able to easily change your own mind as zen and being able to change someone else’s mind—particularly a spouse, parent, or grumpy uncle —as super-Jedi zen. Hopefully this episode can enlighten you on both. 

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Articles, Essays, and Posts Mentioned
This Article Won’t Change Your Mind (The Atlantic)

What Happens to the Brain During Cognitive Dissonance (Scientific American)

Why do Smart People Believe Dumb Things (The Growth Equation)

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