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The art, science, and practice of performance and well-being.


The Growth Equation represents an ongoing and holistic path of performance and well-being. It starts with a strong base of physical health, mental health, and community. The next step is cultivating your core values and practicing skills such as drive, toughness, resilience, self-awareness, stress, rest, and recovery. With those in place, it is possible to unlock and sustain peak performance.


Our goal is to walk with you on this path and help you grow along the way. We'll do this through our books, essays, articles, newsletter, podcast, speaking, workshops, and coaching. Consider this your one-stop shop for all things related to no-nonsense performance and well-being. Don't wait any longer to reach your potential in a sustainable way. Start now.



Elevate your game, avoid burnout, and thrive with the new science of success.


A guide to going all in, finding success, and discovering the benefits of an unbalanced life.

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How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the Gym

When I first started training for marathons a little over ten years ago, my coach told me something I’ve never forgotten: that I would need to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I didn’t know it at the time, but that skill, cultivated through running, would help me as much, if not more,…

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When a Stress Expert Battles Mental Illness

Last August, I was in New York City doing media spots for my book, Peak Performance. In between interviews, I went on a long run in Central Park and didn’t eat or drink enough afterward. I went to meet a friend for dinner, but the place turned out to be a bar without a real kitchen.…

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Do You Control Your Passion, Or Does Your Passion Control You?

Common advice is to find and follow your passion; to be passionate. It’s what parents, teachers, managers, coaches, and commencement speakers champion. A life of passion is a good life, or so we are told. But it’s not that simple. The same drive, enthusiasm, and zeal that fuels breakthrough — whether it’s athletic, scientific, entrepreneurial, or artistic…

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The Mastery Mindset: 6 Keys to Stay on the Path

Common advice is to find and follow your passion. But it’s not so simple. You don’t just magically stumble upon the feeling and enjoy everything from there. Expecting to only sets you up for repeated disappointment. Passion needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Otherwise, what was once something you loved may start to feel like…

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Good Vibes Are Contagious

One of my favorite threads of research shows just how interconnected we humans are. Studies reveal that if you bear witness to someone else experiencing pain—whether it’s a friend stubbing their toe, a person experiencing homelessness on a damp street corner, or a somber face in the waiting room of a hospital—you’re likely to experience some degree of…

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What Separates ‘Super Champions’ from ‘Almost Champions?’

Great athletes are fascinating. It’s a thrill to watch the very best of the very best. And though your natural abilities (or lack thereof) may prevent you from becoming as good as the champs, you can improve yourself by emulatingtheir behavior. And yet there’s an overlooked group that is worth your attention, too, if for a very…

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Why Do Smart People Believe Dumb Things? A Trek Into Bro Science, Diets, Vitamin Cocktails, and Other Fads

Need more focus? Eat one meal a day, only between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. Low Libido? Shine infrared light on your balls. Need energy? Put a stick of butter in your coffee and adopt the Paleo diet. Cure Cancer? Try that same Keto diet. Getting sick frequently? Take mega doses of vitamins to boost your immune…

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Speaking, Workshops, And Coaching

Brad and Steve specialize in cross-domain thinking, weaving together ideas from athletics, business, and psychology to better understand performance in all aspects of life.

About Brad and Steve

Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness research, write, coach, and speak on human performance and well-being. They are the bestselling authors of the books Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox and their work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Wired, NPR, Outside, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Forbes and many other national and international outlets. They coach world-class athletes and fortune 100 executives and have spoken at diverse organizations ranging from NASA, to Bank of America, to The University of Michigan, to Kaiser Permanente, to the NBA, NHL, and MLB.