Transcending CrossFit and the Foundations of Health with Kelly Starrett


For coach, physical therapist, author, and speaker Kelly Starrett, sports and fitness have always been about inclusion and diversity, about creating safe and progressive places.  That’s why when the CEO of CrossFit sparked outrage this month with his tweets related to COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, Kelly knew he had to make a move. 

In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve speak with Kelly about his gym’s transition from San Francisco CrossFit to the Ready State Lab. They discuss the importance of looking beyond the gym and workouts of the day and seeing fitness more broadly, touching on a variety of factors related to health such as breathing, community, range of motion and sleep. Brad, Steve and Kelly delve deep into the predictors of pain and the benefits of seeing pain as information. Finally, Kelly discusses the costs and benefits of technology in fitness and what it means to play the infinite game.

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