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A New and Honest Take on Digital Device Hygiene

In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, we focus on all the ways in which we interact with our devices: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We welcome a special guest, Mario Fraioli, who has built a successful career on largely the internet. We try not to waste time and dive straight into the tough nuance: It’s easy to say “don’t worry about gaining followers” when you’re a verified account with 20K followers, but what about if you’re trying to break into a creative industry? How do you separate self-promotion from self-worth? What triggers, both internal and external, can you use to as guide-rails for when to step away from social media? How do you go from making these guide-rails concepts to making them actions that you take, day in and day out? What do you do when checking email starts to drain you but your company’s culture demands it? What do you do when checking email starts to drain you but your own brain and restlessness demands it? We think this is one of our best episodes yet. We hope you enjoy it.  

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