Go to the Weak Spots to Get Stronger


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So you occasionally experience fear, doubt, and insecurity? Welcome to being a human.

One of the best ways to get stronger is to stop suppressing your fears and weaknesses and instead lean into them, with the support of others when necessary.

This is hard work. But the payoff is huge. When you get to know all of yourself (and continue to do so) you can start to trust all of yourself. And when you can start to trust all of yourself you gain a more enduring kind of confidence.

The less stuff you feel like you are pushing under the rug the more free you become. The more free you become, the better you perform. As the legendary running coach Bud Winter was known for saying, “Relax and win.” This is true not just in running but in most, if not all, of life. 

Perhaps it’s not the insecurity, doubt, and fear that hurts our health, performance, and well-being, but actually the denying it and suppressing it. When you deny and suppress your cracks you become fragile. When you confront and explore them you become solid


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