Why Practicing Humility is the Key to True Confidence and Belonging


A phenomenon that just about everyone is familiar with goes like this: You are striving hard to reach the next level at your given craft or pursuit. After loads of hard work, you finally reach it. When you do, you vacillate from feeling in over your head to feeling like you belong. Sometimes your ego may be too big; other times, too small. It’s a wild and uniquely human ride. Someone who knows it well is Mara Gay. Shortly after she got her dream job at the New York Times editorial board, she told us, “This feels like going from playing in high-school to getting drafted into the NFL.” In this episode of The Growth Equation podcast, we are joined by Mara for a wide-ranging conversation on taking your game to the next level, and the importance of practicing humility as you do. Mara’s craft is reporting and writing, but the topics we discuss are applicable to sustainable success and peak performance in all fields. These include how to keep perspective to stop your ego from getting in your way, imposter syndrome, resilience, staying hopeful during dark times, identity, routines, setting boundaries between work and life, and Mara’s ongoing battle with a serious case of COVID-19. We absolutely loved this conversation and we think you will too.

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