What Does it Mean to be Courageous in Daily Life, With Ryan Holiday


Brad and Steve are joined by author Ryan Holiday for a wide-ranging discussion on courage: how it relates to self and society, and the big and small acts in our lives. They also discuss Ryan’s routines, how he sticks to them, adhering to a process-mindset vs. an outcome one, and why physical practice is such an integral part of Ryan’s job as a writer. For those who don’t know him personally, Ryan is a great and genuine dude — he’s the real deal. Ryan has done a bunch of podcasts on his new book, so we made sure to stick to new questions, prompts, and stories. This is one of our best conversations in a long time.

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Support Ryan’s local bookstore and get these books that were recommended and discussed:

Courage is Calling

How the Word is Passed

First Principles

The Practice of Groundedness

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