Unwinding Anxiety


Anxiety, in the broadest of terms, is discomfort with uncertainty. In the words of psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and author Judson Brewer, “it’s a severe condition; that is, it’s the human condition.” On this week’s episode of The Growth Equation podcast Brad and Steve are joined by Judson for a wide-ranging conversation on anxiety. They touch on anxiety’s evolutionary roots, historical evolution, and modern day permutations. They also detail Judson’s 3-part process to unwind anxiety, using as an example Judson’s own current situation: resisting the impulse to constantly check reviews on his newly released book. Finally, they dive into something that Judson once told Brad about his own experience of anxiety while meditating: “That’s just your ego afraid to die.” Judson is one of the smartest people Brad and Steve know, and in this conversation, you’ll see why. With an uncanny ability to go broad and deep, to explain and coach, Judson is a great teacher for all.

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Judson’s new book, Unwinding Anxiety.

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