Top 5 Growth Equation Articles From September


September continued to be a weird (to put it lightly) month. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world and everyone is experiencing it differently. Some people are thriving amidst all the chaos, others are struggling mightily. Whatever you are feeling is okay. It can change from day-to-day, even hour to hour. We hope our articles and podcasts here at the Growth Equation have been a source of strength, stability, and intellectual curiosity over the few weeks.

Here are the Top 5 Articles From Last Month, Based on Readership:

1) We wrote a longer argument on why instead of cutting sports like track and field, cross-country, and gymnastics, colleges should stop spending money like fools. Lots of you loved it.

2) We explored the paradox of qualities that work really well, until they get in your way. Some examples including grit, self-discipline, measurement, and trying really hard.

3) An article from July continues to crush on the internet. It’s about the ways in which we define success, and how shifting our mind-set around what success means can change our lives. When it was first published Dave Pell featured it in his “Next Draft” newsletter, which goes out to something like a million people. Seems like we’re still seeing the effects of that nearly three months later. If you haven’t yet read, check it out.

4) An obscure story about Warren Buffet’s $300,000 haircut led us to explore compounding gains and how they can be applied to so many areas of life. We’re big fans of consistency and compounding at the Growth Equation.

5) We also published a brief guide to navigating periods of disorder. It includes eight principles that are practical and actionable.

On the Growth Equation Podcast, Two Episodes Ran Away With Downloads. Unsurprisingly, They Both Featured Incredible Guests

1. Here is our conversation on transitions (and really just life in general) with Olympian, marathon champion, coach, mom, and all around badass Shalane Flanagan.

2. Here is our conversation with another all around badass, Amelia Boone, where we focused on mental health and juggling various parts of life when you want to be great at everything you do—in Amelia’s case, a great athlete, a great attorney, and a great friend.

We hope you found last month’s content valuable, that you learned a thing or two and were pushed in your thinking. If you like what you read and listen to, please help us expand the discussion by sharing the Growth Eq with your friends, family, and communities, both online and offline.

— Brad and Steve

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