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The Science of Pacing (And Not Just For Sport, But All Big Projects In Life)

COVID-19 has often been compared to a marathon (by us, too! Brad wrote a piece in The New York Times back in May of 2020 saying as much). A big part of this analogy relies on the importance of pacing; and not just physically, but how you frame the pandemic in your mind, too. Yet it’s not just COVID-19 that a framework of pacing is helpful for; it’s all the big projects in our lives. In this episode of the Growth Equation podcast, Brad and Steve explore how and why pacing is such a useful mental model for approaching diverse endeavors, from a marathon, to writing a book, to starting a company. They introduce four different pacing strategies—positive, even, negative, and variable—and discuss the situations when each makes sense. They also talk about the relationship between the different pacing strategies and risk tolerance; reward upside; and one’s experience for the task at hand. You’ll leave this episode with a new way to think about progress and a toolkit (and language) for aligning your speed with what’s in front of you.

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