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The Pandemic and the Burnout Epidemic

In the United States the COVID-19 pandemic is slogging away, now entering its sixth month, making it the perfect time for Brad and Steve to discuss one of their favorite topics: burnout. On this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, the pair dive into why so many of us are feeling burnt out at this time—from lack of temporary boundaries (e.g., work time v. family time) to lack of physical boundaries (e.g., lack of office v. away) to simple lack of control (e.g., ability to return to “normal”). Fortunately, they offer tools and frameworks to combat burnout, such as taking action, imposing routine, vacillating between stress and rest, and finding purpose.

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  1. […] their advice is easy to understand, simple to apply, and provides a strong return on investment. In their podcast this week they tackle burnout in the wake of COVID, a subject that has weighed heavily in my own world the […]

  2. headlines & themes this week on September 20, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    […] and Steve honestly have the best material. I cannot get enough. Their podcast episode on burnout and the pandemic was so helpful. Give it a listen. I have a whole post in draft, outlining how it impacted me. How […]

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