The Best Basketball Player on the Planet: Sabrina Ionescu; and Leadership Principles for Sport and Life


In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast Brad and Steve discuss what lies behind the unrelenting drive and peak performance of basketball phenom, Sabrina Ionescu. They explore the principles that propel her success and share how these principles can be applied by just about anyone, to just about anything.

They also dive into what Ionescu’s experience can teach us about parenting, managing, and coaching—which, unsurprisingly, runs counter to much of the conventional wisdom.

From there, Brad and Steve shift to discussing Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is leading the United States response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. What many don’t know about Fauci is that he honed his leadership skills not in the ivory tower but as a scrawny high-school athlete in the upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. 

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Articles, Essays, and Posts Mentioned
The Legend of Sabrina Ionescu (ESPN the Magazine)
Sabrina Ionescu’s Big Moment Wasn’t The One She Expected (New York Times)
Dr. Fauci Was a Basketball Captain. Now He’s America’s Point Guard (Wall Street Journal)
What Separates ‘Super Champions’ from ‘Almost Champions’ (The Growth Equation)
Do You Control Your Passion, Or Does Your Passion Control You?
(The Growth Equation)

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    Thank you. Enjoyed listening to this. I like the way the show is summarized towards the end.

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