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Amusing Ourselves to Death

In this episode of the Growth Equation podcast, Brad and Steve dive into an underground classic from the 1980’s: Amusing Ourselves to Death, by Neil Postman. The main premise of the book is that the medium via which we consume information is a metaphor for the culture; our brains, both as individuals and as a collective,…

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Rich Roll: The Art of Meaningful Conversation

Rich Roll is a globally renown ultra-endurance athlete, wellness advocate, bestselling author, husband and father of four.  He also hosts the wildly popular Rich Roll Podcast, one of the top 100 podcasts in the world with over 100 million downloads.   On this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve welcome Rich.  He shares…

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Trust: The Most Important Thing There Is

A wise professor once told Brad, “Trust is the most important thing there is and all inefficiencies at their core are created by a lack of trust.”  On this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve discuss the importance of trust and what it means to trust yourself and to trust others.  They…

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Special Episode: Election Madness

In this raw, uncut, and immediately uploaded episode, Brad and Steve explore the still-unfolding chaos around the 2020 US presidential election, how we got into this mess, and how we can get out.   For the two articles we reference in the podcast: Driven Apart or Coming Together: It’s Our Choice The Simple Reason that…

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