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The Growth Equation Guide to Success

What is success and how to achieve it?

People are chasing conventional success with increasing intensity. But what they are getting in return is exhaustion, burnout, restlessness, and anxiety. There's a better way.
Here at the Growth Equation, we don't view success as arriving at some external endpoint. Success is not a fancy car, big house, expensive watch, or any other bright and shiny object. Success is being fully engaged in the process of what you are doing. It is living a life in alignment with your innermost values. It is having autonomy, pursuing mastery, and perhaps most important, cultivating belonging—both to yourself and to the communities in which you partake.
Given that success is not something that you ever reach, it is best conceived of as an ongoing practice. It's not that you don't ever achieve wonderful accolades or receive external validation, it's that these are byproducts of your practice, not the focus of it.
The resources and guides below outline how to be truly successful, and will help you on your path. You'll learn about the trappings of pursuing conventional definitions of success, and how to avoid it; how to redefine success in a way that leads to not only external achievement but also internal fulfillment; and concrete tools such as process over outcome, the darkhorse route to success, wiring for consistency, and so much more.