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SUBTRACT: The Power of Less

Less is not more. More is more. Less is less. But sometimes—no, even often—less is better. In this episode, Brad and Steve talk to Leidy Klotz, a professor at the University of Virginia with appointments in engineering, architecture, and business. They focus on his new seminal work, Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less. The trio discuss why subtracting is not second nature, why minimalism sounds so good but is so hard to implement, and how to overcome our biases to always be adding, be it personally or culturally. They also talk about Leidy’s past as a professional soccer player and how he made the identity shift from standout athlete to standout academic, all before age 40; and how the lessons learned from sport can be applied to so much beyond the playing field.

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Additional Notes

  • Get the book Subtract here.
  • Leidy’s Nature paper here.

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