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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Growth Equation newsletter is the new standard for insights on the art and science of performance and well-being. Join over 15,000 subscribers and unlock your full potential with our weekly newsletter. Every Thursday morning, we share original articles and interesting links on performance and well-being, along with practical tips on how you can apply it to your own life. Our goal is simple: To help you get better—and feel better—whatever your craft may be.

Key Stats

150+ issues to date
Over 15,000 subscribers
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Sponsorship Details and Rates

Monthly newsletter sponsorships are available for The Growth Equation’s weekly email newsletter which goes out to our growing readership every Thursday morning.

Note: We only accept sponsorships for brands, products and services that align with our values and think will be of interest to our readers.

To learn more and/or schedule a sponsorship, please email