Slaying Sacred Cows in Health and Fitness


To foam roll or not to foam roll? Force yourself to endure an ice-bath after a grueling workout, or sit it out? Cardio or weights, or perhaps even more pertinent, will doing cardio hurt your weights (and vice versa)? Sure, “diets” are no good, but neither is being opposed to all weight loss, right? What matters more, training frequency or duration or intensity? The list goes on and on. In today’s episode, we are going to spend some time debunking myths in health and fitness and discussing what actually works, and when. As you might guess, there’s a fair of amount of “it depends,” in this episode, but we do our best to tease out the “on what.” To help us navigate the sometimes overwhelming and bizarre world of health and fitness, we’ve got special guest Zach Greenwald, an exercise scientist, gym owner, and personal strength and conditioning coach to Brad (and coach to strength athletes far better than Brad!) We had a great time in this conversation and learned a lot. We hope you do too!

Zach’s gym and personal coaching: Strength Ratio.

Zach on Instagram.

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