Returning to the Office, Classroom and Arena


The NBA’s proposal to return to play next month has Brad and Steve thinking: what will all of our returns from COVID-19 quarantine life look like? In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve discuss what a return to the office, the classroom or the arena might look and feel like, and they have a lot of questions. What degree of risk are we willing to accept? How do high performers adapt to playing in a completely different environment? Should we dive in head first with a structured plan or let it play out freely over time? What practices that we adopted during quarantine should we keep and what should we leave behind? What behaviors did we feel compelled to do before quarantine that we now can live without? Brad and Steve close out by discussing the power of involuntary simplicity and how COVID has forced us all to reconsider the meaning of work in our lives.

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