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McKinsey, Opiods, and The Dark Side of High Performance

Earlier this week, the New York Times broke a story detailing how the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey and Company “proposed paying pharmacy companies rebates for Oxycontin [a popular opioid] overdoses.” Worse, partners at McKinsey allegedly tried to cover the evidence of their recommendation. In this episode of The Growth Equation podcast, Brad, a former McKinsey consultant himself, and Steve use this moral failure as a jumping off point to discuss ethical creep in high-performance organizations and cultures—from the corporate world, to start-ups, to sports—and what we can do to prevent it in ourselves and those we coach, parent, teach, and lead.

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(NYT Story on Opiods:

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  1. Coop on February 28, 2021 at 8:23 am

    An amazing conversation starter on personal responsibility and the importance of defining success holistically.

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