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Listener Mailbag: Books, Sleep, Practicing What You Preach, and More!

You asked. We answered. This week’s episode is a listener AMA, including:

1. What are some recent good books that you’ve read?
2. I know you two are both concerned with social media, how do you manage your own use currently?
3. What do you think of Elon Musk buying Twitter?
4. What projects are you working on?
5. Sleep is something that you say is paramount. How do I balance this with being a new parent? It seems impossible to get any sleep?
6. Is there any role for tools like whoop or fit bits?
7. How do you manage to follow your teachings in an environment (physical, social & cultural) that encourages in many cases the complete opposite. I am doing my best to practice your teachings and quite often feel like walking upstream. Should one try to change his/her environment?
8. You guys mention your dogs quite often. Tell us more!

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  1. Ben A on May 11, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    How about completing your DL/Mile challenge as a single blind study? Parameters (which discipline to complete first, time between discipline) can be determined by the participant with approval by competitor. The challenge becomes less of an outright competition and more of a psychological puzzle along the lines of all the aspects The Growth EQ has addressed. Set the challenge date for end of summer or fall and allow training in the other persons persuit but don’t share training between competitors…then Brad def can’t phone it in. Y’all could individually record your training over the course of the summer and make a documentary out of it!

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