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The Zen of Running and Writing

In 2010, the writer Katie Arnold welcomed her second daughter into the world. Three weeks later she lost her father, also her best friend. Dealing with the grief was discombobulating. As she told us in this week’s podcast, “I could not talk my way out of it. People could not reassure me the fears I was facing about my own mortality were not true…I tried lots of different healing and therapies, some worked a little, others did not, but really what worked for me was running. Moving on my own two feat through the wilderness.” Arnold followed her drive to run all the way to being the women’s champion of the grueling and highly competitive Leadville ultramarathon in 2018. In this fascinating podcast, we discuss everything from running’s role in processing grief and other challenging emotions; to the commonalities between Zen, running, and writing; to how instill in children a love of movement and nature. This was a fun conversation, and Katie is full of actionable wisdom. We hope that you enjoy it!

Katie’s memoir is titled Running Home.

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  1. […] to help her get out of bed every morning and to prevent her from being swallowed by grief. Arnold told me that her daily runs not only helped her to activate, but they also served as a solid foundation […]

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