How to Spot Guru Syndrome (And What to Do About It)


With conspiracy theories—on everything from diet, to exercise, to a global pandemic and vaccines—flying left and right, we wanted to devote some time to understanding the tendencies behind the people who spread these ideas. The goal is not to dunk on them (though we definitely do some of that) but more importantly, to use these folks as a model to help all of us spot the same tendencies in ourselves and those around us, so we can become aware of them and not give in. We talk about the underlying symptoms of “Guru Syndrome,” such as being addicted to being a contrarian, feeling like your part of a tribe, and the relevance the internet gives to provocative thinking, even if it is also bullshit thinking, and more. We also play devil’s advocate, trying to pin ourselves down as having Guru Syndrome, which is the intellectually honest thing to do here. Listen to find out what happens. An entertaining and important episode for sure.

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