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The Growth Equation Podcast

Performance coaches and bestselling authors Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness host a podcast on peak performance and well-being that is different than all others. Instead of focusing on "hacks" or nonsense bro-science they delve deep into what actually works—according to years of science, wisdom, and the experiences of the world's best. A mix of news analysis, concrete tips, and interviews, The Growth Equation podcast is a must-listen for those interested in getting the most out of themselves, success, and fulfillment.

You can find the podcast on:

Listener Mailbag with Brad and Steve: Diet, Motivation, and Home Office Design

How to be Clutch (and Avoid Choking)

Listener Mailbag with Brad & Steve: Routines, Reading, and Suffering

Amelia Boone: Obstacle Racing and Mental Health Warrior

She’s Back! Life with Shalane Flanagan, Marathon Champion, Olympian and Coach

Growth EQ Principles: Self-Compassion

Six Hot (and Thoughtful) Takes on Performance

Growth EQ Principles: Patience

The Pandemic and the Burnout Epidemic

Growth EQ Principles: Process over Outcome

How to Deal with Uncertainty

Growth EQ Principles: Presence

An Interview with Champion Ultrarunner and Mountaineer Kilian Jornet

Growth Eq Principles: Consistency

What Makes Good Coaches (And How to Find Them)

The Science of How to Build and Maintain Motivation

The Power of Movement and How to Develop a Personal Movement Program

The Convergence of Sports and Society with Jojo McDuffie

The Keys to Deep Work and Deep Living with Cal Newport

Stress + Rest= Growth

Returning to the Office, Classroom and Arena

Transcending CrossFit and the Foundations of Health with Kelly Starrett

Everything You Need to Know About Routines

Quick Hit: Crossfit and Guru Syndrome

Having Skin in the Game: Why it’s Worth it to Care Deeply

The Michael Jordan Way (and Why It May Not Be the Best Way)

Olympian Shalane Flanagan on Marathons, Motherhood, Motivation and More

The Art and Practice of Science

A New and Honest Take on Digital Device Hygiene

The Science—And Art—Of Leading Yourself and Others