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The Growth Equation Podcast

Performance coaches and bestselling authors Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness host a podcast on peak performance and well-being that is different than all others. Instead of focusing on "hacks" or nonsense bro-science they delve deep into what actually works—according to years of science, wisdom, and the experiences of the world's best. A mix of news analysis, concrete tips, and interviews, The Growth Equation podcast is a must-listen for those interested in getting the most out of themselves, success, and fulfillment.

You can find the podcast on:

#141 – Balancing Progression with Consistency

#140 – Rest and Recovery

#139 – Top 9 Documentaries

#138 – How Awe Impacts Us

#137 – Groundedness: One Year Later

#136 – Quiet Quitting

#135 – When Fun Becomes Work

“The Medium is the Message”: Part Two on Today’s Media Landscape And How It Changes All Of Us

Part One: Today’s Media Landscape and How it Changes All of Us (The Pitfalls of Audience Capture, And How to Avoid Them)

How to Rethink Talent Development

Can You Be a Massive Success Without Being a Narcissist?

The 24 to 48 Hour Rule

BONUS: Sink or Swim, Survive or Thrive

A Better Way to Think About Coaching, Parenting, and Leading

Consistency Over Intensity

When To Grit And When To Quit

Resilience, Grit, Toughness and Learning How to Do Hard Things

7 Key Guidelines for Health and Longevity

Re-Listen: CAL NEWPORT on The Moral Weight of Working, Not Working, and Bragging About Both

Truly Great Teams Versus “Super Teams”

11 Concepts for Mental Health

The Connection Between Crazy Supplements, Crazy Conspiracies, and Crazy Candidates

Listener Mailbag: Books, Sleep, Practicing What You Preach, and More!

What the NFL Draft can Teach Us About Talent Identification

The Current State of Social Media and Attention Economics

Habits Aren’t the Only Path to Health Behavior Change

Daily Habits for Health and Performance

Everyone Is Tired All The Time. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Managing Uncertainty

From Opioid Addiction to Enlightenment