Dave Pell: Managing Editor… Of The Internet


We are lucky to be joined by Dave Pell, the reader, writer, and all-around creative behind the internet’s longest running big-time newsletter, Next Draft. In this far-reaching conversation, we talk about how Dave shows up consistently to do high quality work, his daily routines, mental health and news consumption, running your own little internet empire, getting addicted to relevance, the future of the media in the western world, Dave’s new book, Please Scream Inside Your Heart: Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the Year That Wouldn’t End, and so much more. It’s a far-reaching conversation that has something for everyone, from those wanting to understand excellence and high-performance in a traditional craft, to those who want to learn more about the inside baseball of newsletter publishing, to those who are curious about the news, its history, choices one makes in covering it, and where this all may be going.

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