Coaching Beyond Sport


Coaching has long been a foundation of sport, but only more recently is it spreading into other industries. From business, to health care, to creativity, more people are seeking coaches to help them boost their performance and longevity, and the flip side of that coin, to help them avoid burnout too. On this episode of the Growth Equation podcast, Brad and Steve are joined by Sarah Milby, founder of the company Valor Performancewhich aims to scale coaching to non-traditional spaces. The trio dive deep into who could benefit most from coaching, the principles of good coaching, what to look for in a coach, and the future of coaching as it continues to expand. While they focus on coaching, they also touch upon traditional management leadership, and much of what they discuss can be applied to other fields too. At its core, this is a good discussion on helping people improving, even if that person you are helping is yourself (i.e., self-coaching).

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(As mentioned in the show, you can use the Promo code “GROWTH” for discounted coaching from Valor Performance. Learn more here.)


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