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Is Technology Alienating You From Real Life?

A new technology drops. Some people immediately adopt it, assuming all that is new is good. Other people immediately shun it, assuming all that is new is bad. Neither of these approaches is ideal. There is a middle—and better—way. It has to do with the concept of evaluating alienation. In the simplest terms, alienation means…

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What’s Old is New Again

In the late 1990’s, there was one constant in America, an item you could find just about anywhere: from grocery stores to Barnes and Noble, from the back of cereal boxes to attached to steaks. Over one billion America Online CD’s littered every aspect of our lives in the early days of the internet. It’s hard…

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Crisis Reveals Character

It was 46 degrees. I had athletic pants with running tights on underneath, a thermal long sleeve top with another long sleeve shirt and a hoodie over the that, two pairs of socks, and about three blankets over that. My wife was similarly dressed. We were inside the warmest part of our house. Welcome to the…

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