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11 Concepts for Mental Health

It is mental health awareness month, and it is a topic near and dear to our hearts. Mental health and its opposite (mental illness) affects just about everyone at one point or another. On this episode, we detail eleven key concepts for mental health, all based on evidence and with concrete applications and practices. You…

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Own Your Distractions So They Don’t Own You

It is the turn of the year and one thing seems certain: the pace of information, stimulation, and distraction is not slowing down. The culture of heroic individualism—an ongoing game of oneupmanship where measurable achievement is the main arbiter of success and the goalpost is always 10 yards down the field—can be summarized neatly with…

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Nailing the Basics is Simple Not Easy—The Growth Equation Manifesto

If you are overwhelmed and exhausted by competing information, claims, purported secrets, and so-called biohacks in health, fitness, and performance, you are not alone. We are tired too. In this post, we are going to go deep on debunking myths, explaining why they are pervasive, and then getting to what actually works for sustainable excellence…

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