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A Better Way to Optimize

Setting a goal on the edge of your comfort zone and letting it consume you can be as meaningful and invigorating as it gets. Whether it’s a big creative project, an athletic feat, or falling in love, there’s something to say about going all-in. The problem occurs when we get such tunnel-vision that we leave…

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The Key to Peak Performance? Love.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Lessons from The Edge: Understanding Peak Performance. The panel featured Olav Aleksander Bu, the Norwegian triathlon coach to Olympic gold medalist and Ironman champion; Roberta Groner, an elite marathoner who was 6th at the world championships as…

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A Weight Gain Theory of Everything

By now you’ve probably heard about a new class of drugs called semaglutides. They were recently approved by the FDA for weight loss. In clinical trials, participants lost astonishing amounts of weight. And so long as they continued taking the drug, they kept it off. Additionally, people taking semaglutides dramatically lowered their risk for heart…

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Untangling Success: Does the Cream Rise to the Top?

“The cream rises to the top.” Our world is littered with aphorisms and sayings that all point to the same message: the quality of our work and our chances of success are deeply intertwined. If we produce good work it’ll catch on, the story goes, and success will soon follow. Yet connection between quality work…

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