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If You Think Simone Biles is “Weak,” You Are Wrong. Here’s Why.

  When Simone Biles withdrew from the team gymnastics competition after one event, there were two reactions: empathy on the one hand and proclamations that she was “weak” and “letting down her teammates” on the other. The latter are wrong. At best they are ignorant, at worst full of malice. It is not just my…

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The Power of Constraints to Protect Against Existential Anxiety

I’ve written about constraints in the past (some links are below) but I think the concept is becoming increasingly important. Here’s why: In a world where technology is accelerating, you have access to what, for all intents and purposes, is infinity in more areas of your life. A few examples include dating apps (endless potential matches);…

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When Everyone Is Headed In the Same Direction, Look the Other Way

When Michael Jordan clinched his first NBA championship, teams averaged 7.1 three-point attempts per game. Fast forward to today and the average NBA team is taking nearly 35 three-point shots a game. Even the team that shoots the fewest amount of threes per game averaged nearly 29 attempts, four times as many as their Jordan-year…

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