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Why You Should Diversify Your Sense of Identity

One of the many paradoxes I uncovered in researching, reporting, and writing Master of Change is that the key to a strong identity is to diversify your sense of self. Called “self-complexity,” it makes you less scared to fail and more enduring, robust, and resilient to change. Here’s why and how to develop it: The more you…

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The Attention Game vs. The Recognition Game

If you value basketball, find it very fulfilling, and want to craft a life around it, would you spend the majority of your time watching, playing, and practicing football? Probably not. It’d be simple to see that you are playing the wrong game. I want to explore two games that nearly all of us play:…

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What Makes Criticism So Sticky?

Can you recall a time when your parents criticized you? It could be about your motivation for school or work, or a time you messed up on the soccer field. Chances are there’s a vivid memory that pops into your mind years, perhaps even many decades, later. It doesn’t even have to be over something…

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