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Want to Be a Better Leader? Embrace Reality.

Conventional wisdom tells us that leadership is about confidence and control. The best leaders project a sense of self-assurance; they are here to show us the way, to lead us to the promise land. Often this means adopting a bit of a “fake it until you make it” approach, in which deep down you know…

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The Difference Between Tolerating Pain, Suffering and Performing

Since the release of Do Hard Things, the questions I’ve received most are some variety of “What about the David Goggins, be a badass and ignore your limits, approach?” In what follows, I’ll answer it. First, what Goggins has accomplished is incredible. There is no arguing that. Some of the feats he’s been through are…

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Knowing When You Are Ready To Rise to the Occasion

In 1985, Neil Gaiman was a twenty-five-year-old writer with a smattering of fantasy stories, magazine articles, and two books to his name. They weren’t glaring successes. One book was a collection of quotes. The other, a biography of the pop group Duran Duran, a work that he later admitted he wrote solely for the money…

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Learning How to Respond, Instead of React

How do you handle life’s difficult moments? When stress and anxiety are high, and the path forward is uncertain. Whether it’s in making a crucial business decision, in the midst of an argument with our spouse, or standing on the mound about to throw a pitch; when uncertainty and stress reign, we can either respond…

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