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Being Clutch Isn’t Magic, It’s A Trainable Skill

We all know the clutch athlete when we see them. The Michael Jordan’s of the world who seemingly will their team to victory. The quarterback who comes through time and time again, engineering winning drives as if they’re routine. The athletes who rise to the occasion, improving their performance when the game is on the…

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When an Olympian Has No Grit.

Grit. What comes to mind? An athlete pushing through pain and fatigue. A potential Navy Seal surviving “Hell Week.” Or for the more research savvy amongst us, Angela Duckworth’s definition of Passion + Perseverance. Early in my coaching career, I utilized a validated survey to assess the level of “Grit” of a smattering of college…

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Motivation Is Overrated

he great part about New Year’s resolutions: You feel wonderful when you’re making them. The not-so-great part: Odds are you’ll fail before the end of the year. According to 2017 data collected by the University of Scranton, only 9 percent of people stick to their resolutions for a full year. Most experience a slow decline: 73 percent of…

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