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Listen to Kobe: Spend Time Alone in Your Head

“How do you negotiate with your self. That’s the biggest thing.” — Kobe Bryant. When one of history’s greatest basketball players tells us about the power of navigating your inner world, we should listen. We all intuitively know this. We all have doubts and insecurities. We all experience a voice that tells us to throw…

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Why We See Threats Everywhere

Go for a walk around your neighborhood during the day. Are you constantly stressed, on the lookout for potential danger around you? For many of us (though certainly not all), we can mindlessly walk the sidewalks, daydreaming as we mosey along. Now, move yourself to an unknown city, in the middle of the night. Are…

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Feeling Stressed? Zoom Out.

What do you do when it feels like it’s all going wrong? When your mind spirals towards negativity, when your thoughts get locked into a pattern of rumination and catastrophizing, when you get stuck in inaction, ready to hit the eject button on the speech you are about to give, the race you are running,…

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Why We Need to Seek Out Discomfort

Joseph Campbell is known for his work in mythology. He outlined the hero’s journey that influenced George Lucas in the creation of Star Wars. But when Campbell was asked by PBS’s Bill Moyers what it was like to have a peak experience, to feel fully alive, he shared that his “peak experiences all came in…

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