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Competition to Promote Excellence

A few nights ago, a familiar scene: after the Boston Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA playoffs, all of the players were chatting, smiling, and hugging it out in the immediate aftermath of the game. It is a starkly different atmosphere from a few decades ago, when, if there was any contact between…

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Feel Anxious or Stuck? Realign with Reality.

“The greatest to ever do this event…there is no question, no female gymnast in history has ever taken this event on like Simone Biles,” veteran NBC announcer Tim Daggett gushed as Biles was standing at the end of the vault runway during the 2021 Olympic games. Midway through the jump, in the air, she bailed:…

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The Benefits of Learning How to Lose

“I can’t function as a human being after a loss. I can’t eat. I can’t shave. I can’t hug my kids.” Urban Meyer said this in 2003 when he was head coach at the University of Utah. For the next 15 years of his coaching career, he wouldn’t do much losing. His worst year during…

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If You Think Simone Biles is “Weak,” You Are Wrong. Here’s Why.

  When Simone Biles withdrew from the team gymnastics competition after one event, there were two reactions: empathy on the one hand and proclamations that she was “weak” and “letting down her teammates” on the other. The latter are wrong. At best they are ignorant, at worst full of malice. It is not just my…

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