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Sometimes the Only Way is Through

This week I’ve spent too much time thinking about controversial topics. Brad is well aware of this. In our collaborative partnership, I’ve uncharacteristically been the initiator of calls that end with long discussions on the day’s hot topic. (Normally Brad is the one bugging me with ideas.) In the sports world, the particular topic that…

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Countering the Incentive to Hate and Divide on Social Media

Venture onto Facebook, Twitter, or any online forum, and you are littered with people taking firm stances on the latest controversial topic. They espouse their views—for this, against that—all the while condemning the other side. Such rants are increasingly filled with verbiage bordering on hate and contempt, an utter disbelief that anyone could hold such a…

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How to Go Hard Without Hitting the Wall or Burnout Out

Launching a book is like training for years to line up in a single 400-meter dash. You wake up on launch day and sprint out of the blocks: tweeting, sharing on Instagram, doing podcasts, basically promoting like crazy. But partway through the sprint, you realize you are running a mile. You’ve got to make it through…

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The Key Factor Behind Fierce Self-Discipline

A key to sustainable progress is marrying fierce self-discipline with fierce self-compassion. Self-discipline is pursuing what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it; focus on task hand; showing up consistently, even when you don’t want to. Self-compassion is being kind to yourself in the midst of struggle; creating space to hold softly what…

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