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Hard Work Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient.

As I peruse the self-help book aisle or stumble upon the latest entrepreneurial guru on YouTube, I’m often met with a simple message: work hard. There’s truth to that message, of course. If you want to get better at just about anything, you need to work hard. But hidden beneath the stories of getting up…

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Think Again: 8 Lessons on Intellectual Humility

Intellectual humility is understanding that you don’t know everything, that you are often wrong, and that it’s okay, even a good thing, to change your mind when new evidence presents itself. Needless to say, intellectual humility is a quality that is both sorely lacking and desperately needed right now. That’s why it is welcome news…

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Avoiding the Trap of More, More, More

In 1950, the average new home was 983 square feet. In 1960, that grew to 1,200 square feet. 1970? 1,500 square feet. Fast forward to 2018, and we’re at 2,300 square feet. The 1950’s version of ourselves would walk the streets of generic suburban America and assume everyone was living in mansions and had achieved…

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How to Stop Technology from Taking Over Your Life

A good friend and fellow creative and entrepreneur recently eliminated all social media from his life. About his experience, he wrote the following: It’s really eye-opening just how much of our lives many of us “live” on social media, trapped in an alternate reality we don’t even realize we’re in most of the time. I…

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