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Letting Go Of What Works For Something That Works Better

Here’s a simple parable. It’s about a cup and a quart. You really like milk. The more you can posses the better. You’ve got a cup of milk in your hand. There’s a quart on the table. In order to get the quart you’ve got to let go of the cup. What cups are you holding onto…

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An Antidote to Quick Fix Culture

We live in an age of the quick fix, be it in fitness, relationships, business, learning, creativity, or health. We’re bombarded with advertisements for magic bullets, hacks, new programs, and all manner of bright and shiny objects that promise results now—and make it seem like everyone else is getting results now too. Yet the truth is that…

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The Key to a Good Life? Lose Yourself in Something.

One of the best feelings in the world is losing your attachment to yourself. So much of our time is spent in self-focused ways. What happens if I do this? Or that? Doubt. Fear. Self-judgement. The judgement of others against ourselves. Planning. Scheming. It’s a whole lot of I, I, and I. You get the point. Yet there’s a paradox:…

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Coach Towards Independence, Not Dependence

When success occurs, to what do we attribute it? Do we take full credit ourselves or acknowledge the helping hand of a mentor or coach? Does that coach claim full responsibility in creating the athlete who stands upon the podium? Does the business executive acknowledge the luck and hard work of those far below him…

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