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Three Questions to Get Over Impostor Syndrome and Gain True Confidence

One of the best ways to overcome impostor syndrome and gain true confidence is to realize that you don’t have all the answers. No one does. You might fake others out for a while but you cannot fake out yourself. The more you try the more insecure you’ll feel.  In my coaching work with entrepreneurs, executives, and physicians we regularly…

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Go to the Weak Spots to Get Stronger

So you occasionally experience fear, doubt, and insecurity? Welcome to being a human. One of the best ways to get stronger is to stop suppressing your fears and weaknesses and instead lean into them, with the support of others when necessary. This is hard work. But the payoff is huge. When you get to know…

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What You Give Attention to Is What You Value

Take your phone out of your pocket and place it beside you, just where you can see it in your periphery. I’ll wait…Okay, now we can carry on. With my college athletes at the University of Houston, our team meetings are a little different. Instead of standing in front of them lecturing about running or…

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