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A Brief Guide to Navigating Difficult Topics

Climate change, transgender athletes competing in various classes, immigration reform, police funding, critical race theory, whether or not Sha’Carri Richardson should be banned from the Olympics for breaking a rule and smoking pot, and so on… Chances are as you read through that list of words and phrases, you had a hint, or maybe even…

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Performance and Wellbeing Concepts Are Like Tools in a Toolkit

If you are in a hole, feeling acutely down and at a loss of meaning, it is probably not helpful to reflect on your purpose, engage in positive visualization, or write in a gratitude journal. A better bet is to accept what is happening in a non judgmental manner, practice self-compassion, and reach out for…

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The Annoying Sibling Theory of the Internet

Many of you are well aware of the joys and perils of growing up with a brother or sister. They can be our best friends, that companion and confidante to help us navigate the wide world of adolescence. But as anyone with a sibling knows, that love can temporarily transform into annoyance, or dare I…

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Overcoming Extremism (In All Areas of Life)

Fact: the oldest parts of our brains evolved to make quick judgements. “That’s a big snake. Bad! Run away!” “That’s an attractive person of the opposite sex! Good! Pass along the DNA!” Not only did snap judgements help our species survive by avoiding death and reproducing, they also helped us conserve precious resources. Weighing pros…

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