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Working From Home and Dealing with “Lifestyle Experts”

Before anything, for all of the below the most important thing is this: Don’t judge yourself! What we are experiencing with COVID-19 is anything but normal. All kinds of experts (me included) are going to offer all kinds of advice for what to do with hours at home. Take what is helpful, throw out what…

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The Best Routine, According to Science

At the end of last year, Marina Koren wrote in The Atlantic that, “My mornings are the messiest part of my day. I do not rise and shine. Instead, I hit snooze on the alarm and throw the covers over my head.” This, Koren goes on, causes her distress because “it never seems to be the case with other people’s…

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A Better Way To Optimize

The word optimize gets thrown around all the time these days. We’re supposed to optimize our schedules, optimize our routines, and optimize our lives. This is generally taken to mean doing more and doing faster. But the actual definition of the word is significantly different. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, optimize means “to make as perfect, effective, or…

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Willpower Isn’t the Key to Success

There’s a popular theory that willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. But like any other muscle, if you use willpower too often without any rest or recovery in between, eventually it fatigues and gives out—you eat the chips, skip the meditation, and check your notifications for the umpteenth time. The problem that we all…

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