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15 Science-Backed Ways to Get Work Done

  “I get to the arena 5 hours before a game to start prepping—mentally, physically, and spiritually” —Lebron James The King, as James is affectionally called, has a pre-game routine that seem a bit excessive, but elite athletes are masters at putting themselves in position to perform at their best. While there’s plenty of fun and…

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Routines are Good. Adaptability is Better.

I had written two books and hundreds of articles and blogs in a coffee shop. I had a routine. It was dialed in and led to predictable performance outputs: Go to the coffee-shop. Order something good. Open my computer. Write. As of today, I haven’t set foot in a coffee shop in 10 months. The…

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Are Your Days All a Blur? Here’s How to Change That.

One day bleeds into the next. Time feels hazy and surreal. Multiple friends have told me that, as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns, they no longer have any real sense for what day of the week it is.  One hypothesis for why we’re feeling this way is that many normal markers of time no longer exist. Maybe you used…

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