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Rest and Recovery

A Better Way to Think About Exhaustion and Rest

One of my coaching clients, who I’ll call Jenny, is a 39-year-old entrepreneur. Lately, she’s been struggling with fatigue, nothing too severe but a general sense of exhaustion, or, in her words, “not feeling as sharp and energetic as I’d like.” The first solution that comes to mind is simple: rest. But what if she tries resting and still feels sluggish? Jenny’s…

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Is Your Boss Causing Your Burnout?

Burnout is an epidemic. The World Health Organization recently sounded the alarm, upgrading burnout from a general state of exhaustion to a definable syndrome. In a Gallup survey of over 7,500 workers, 23% reported feeling burned out very often, while another 44% said they felt burned out sometimes. When it comes to solutions, we tend…

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Step Away from the 24-Hour News Cycle

A lot of cable, Internet, and social media news is a bit like candy: You know you probably shouldn’t indulge in it but there’s just something about it that’s so enticing. So you tell yourself you’re “going to have just one”—one minute, one article, one political Tweet or Facebook comment—but the next thing you know…

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