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Feel Anxious or Stuck? Realign with Reality.

“The greatest to ever do this event…there is no question, no female gymnast in history has ever taken this event on like Simone Biles,” veteran NBC announcer Tim Daggett gushed as Biles was standing at the end of the vault runway during the 2021 Olympic games. Midway through the jump, in the air, she bailed:…

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How Failure Can Unlock Performance

Maddie had just failed. She walked on the start line ranked third in the 10k, attempting to go from barely making the team as a walk-on to securing a medal at the conference championship. The race started out well, but a little past halfway, she saw her hopes slipping away. She faded to thirteenth place,…

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The Benefits of Learning How to Lose

“I can’t function as a human being after a loss. I can’t eat. I can’t shave. I can’t hug my kids.” Urban Meyer said this in 2003 when he was head coach at the University of Utah. For the next 15 years of his coaching career, he wouldn’t do much losing. His worst year during…

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The Cost of Caring—And Why It’s Worth It Anyways

One thing I remember about middle school gym class is that the cool kids never tried. Though I could sense the reason then, I did not have the vocabulary that I do now. The cool kids didn’t try because they were insecure. Many adults are the same. It is an easy trap to fall into.…

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