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Factors of Resilience

I recently heard someone say that that inherent unpredictability and uncertainty of life can feel like “looking both ways before crossing the street, and then getting hit by an airplane.” For better or worse, we often live under the illusion that things are stable when in fact they are always changing. We crave a straight…

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Do Animals Choke Under Pressure?

Pressure can be insidious to performance. It can alter the link between perception and action, making us feel like foreigners in our own body. It can push us to panic, freak out, and catastrophize; where all we see and can think about is how everything is going wrong. We even have special names for the…

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Don’t Trust Your Gut Unless It’s Calibrated

Imagine you are walking down a dimly lit street at night in a foreign city. Your shoulders tense up, unease courses through your body, and you become hyper-aware. Just about any sound grabs your attention. You notice strangers, especially if they come too close. You are on high alert: not because of some deliberate decision,…

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Listen to Kobe: Spend Time Alone in Your Head

“How do you negotiate with your self. That’s the biggest thing.” — Kobe Bryant. When one of history’s greatest basketball players tells us about the power of navigating your inner world, we should listen. We all intuitively know this. We all have doubts and insecurities. We all experience a voice that tells us to throw…

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