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The Cost of Caring—And Why It’s Worth It Anyways

One thing I remember about middle school gym class is that the cool kids never tried. Though I could sense the reason then, I did not have the vocabulary that I do now. The cool kids didn’t try because they were insecure. Many adults are the same. It is an easy trap to fall into.…

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How to Create Space Between Stimulus and Response

The space between stimulus and response is an important one. Philosophers have said it is in this space that our freedom lies. When something unexpected happens—for example, an accident, a pandemic, a competitor acting unpredictably, and so on—people generally go down one of two roads: they either impulsively react or more thoughtfully respond; the former is…

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What a Soccer Shoot Out Can Teach Us About Pressure and Life

This past weekend, England fell short in capturing the European Championship with a heartbreaking loss against Italy. England has never won the European Championship. After 120 minutes of soccer, the game remained deadlocked at 1-1. That meant turning to the most anxiety-inducing invention of modern sports: the penalty kick shootout. A brutal mano-a-mano, shooter vs.…

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Languishing and the Art of Showing Up

I recently wrote that if I had to feel motivated to start a workout I would have done 23 workouts last year, not 230. If I had to feel inspired to start writing, well, there’d be hardly any writing. If you want to stop 20 minutes in, fine. But give yourself a chance. You often hear platitudes like…

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