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Don’t Trust Your Gut Unless It’s Calibrated

Imagine you are walking down a dimly lit street at night in a foreign city. Your shoulders tense up, unease courses through your body, and you become hyper-aware. Just about any sound grabs your attention. You notice strangers, especially if they come too close. You are on high alert: not because of some deliberate decision,…

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Listen to Kobe: Spend Time Alone in Your Head

“How do you negotiate with your self. That’s the biggest thing.” — Kobe Bryant. When one of history’s greatest basketball players tells us about the power of navigating your inner world, we should listen. We all intuitively know this. We all have doubts and insecurities. We all experience a voice that tells us to throw…

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Why We See Threats Everywhere

Go for a walk around your neighborhood during the day. Are you constantly stressed, on the lookout for potential danger around you? For many of us (though certainly not all), we can mindlessly walk the sidewalks, daydreaming as we mosey along. Now, move yourself to an unknown city, in the middle of the night. Are…

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Don’t Let Your Strengths Become Your Downfall

Read enough business or self-help books and they’ll inevitably tell you to identify your strengths. This is a good starting point. Understanding what makes you good at what you do allows you to take on the right challenges. It enhances your productivity and allows you to rise through the ranks. But your strengths often become…

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