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The Secrets of Lasting Change

Over 70 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail in the span of just a few weeks. Yikes. In this episode of the Growth Equation podcast, Brad and Steve discuss what the latest science says on making change that sticks. They touch on the habit-forming cycle of trigger, behavior, reward, and discuss why so many people follow it…

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We Finally Made it to 2021—Now What?

Well, 2020 was a long and challenging year. It’s over! But just because the calendar flipped doesn’t mean everything is suddenly fine. In this episode of the Growth Equation podcast, Brad and Steve discuss an interesting behavioral science concept called the “fresh start effect,” which says people tend to start aspirational behaviors on Mondays, the first day…

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How to Make Your Brain a Better Place

In this episode of the Growth Equation podcast, Brad and Steve discuss the evidence-based, do-it-yourself methodologies to improve day-to-day mental health and well-being. They explore movement, meditation, and other ways to create space between a situation and your response to it. There is a whole lot of noise when it comes to this sort of…

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Taylor Swift and the Principles of Hot Streaks

Taylor Swift just released her latest album, Evermore. It is wonderful. It is also the second album she’s released this year, following Folklore, which is also wonderful, and was released back in July. The crazy thing is this: Swift didn’t start working on either of these albums until April of this year. This means that she averaged…

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