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Physical Health

The 9-Word Ultimate Fitness Manifesto

n Monday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released new physical activity guidelines for the first time in ten years. They recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, which is unchanged from the last time guidelines were released, in 2008. This amounts to just 22 minutes per day and…

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Walking Might Be the Best Exercise There Is

I spend a lot of time at Lake Merritt, down the road from my apartment in Oakland, California. An adjacent footpath circumnavigates the lake and is exactly 3.1 miles long. If I’m out there on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I inevitably bump into Ken. It’s impossible not to. Ken, an older gentleman with thin…

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Quit Trying to Get Your Kid to Work so Hard

​ I’ve been working with high school and college-aged kids for over a decade now. Having seen both sides of the equation, It’s interesting to contrast seeing what parents and high school kids think is required for success in college (and beyond), and then seeing what is actually required.In today’s hyper-competitive culture, where we constantly…

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The Minimalist’s Strength Workout

Like most athletes who would rather be outdoors running, riding, swimming, or hiking, I don’t set aside much time for the gym. Yet I fully realize the importance of building general strength and mobility—not just to support my outdoor activities, but also for everyday health and fitness. I’d like to be able to unload groceries,…

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