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Physical Health

When Good Enough is Good Enough

Let’s start with an interesting observation: so many “influencers,” “optimizers,” and “wellness” and “happiness” gurus don’t have partners or kids. Yes, strive to be healthy and excellent and all that, but sometimes the key to adult life—perhaps especially if you’ve got kids—is that you’ve just got to order a pizza and move on. To be…

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The Basics of Fitness: A Program for Everyone

It is easier to train for a marathon than for general fitness. That might sound sacrilegious for the runners out there. But let me explain: of course marathon training likely takes more time, energy, and effort. But at least you know what you’re training for. You have a goal, checkpoints for how training is coming…

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Do Difficult Things that Force Engagement

I remember the comment clearly. I was lying on the ground, drained of all energy, exhausted, unable to get up. My legs were a mixture of on fire and full of lead. I wanted to puke. “Your parents haven’t felt what you are feeling for 30+ years, if ever.” It was an odd comment. We were…

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4 Rules for Running Fast

When it comes to exercise, we often get extremely complicated. For strength training, we get lost in the exercise type, the sets and reps, and the speed of the bar. In running, we look at different speed or intensity zones, heart rates, interval lengths, and recoveries. It’s easy to get lost in the details. In…

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