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Mental Health

How to Raise a Champion—Chill Out

When it comes to their child’s athletic pursuits, parents can go a bit crazy. They lose it on the sideline, yelling at the referee at their 8-year-old’s soccer match. They stress over whether their kid is making progress and if he or she is good enough for the travel team or to make varsity. Even…

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Competition to Promote Excellence

A few nights ago, a familiar scene: after the Boston Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA playoffs, all of the players were chatting, smiling, and hugging it out in the immediate aftermath of the game. It is a starkly different atmosphere from a few decades ago, when, if there was any contact between…

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Why We Are All on Edge and Burned Out and What to Do About It

Let’s have a quick thought experiment: How would you make an animal docile, depressed, and apathetic? You might start by making it feel low in status. Pitting it against its peers who are all bigger, stronger, or smarter. Pushing it down the hierarchical totem pole. Or maybe you follow classic experiments that deprived animals of…

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Feel Anxious or Stuck? Realign with Reality.

“The greatest to ever do this event…there is no question, no female gymnast in history has ever taken this event on like Simone Biles,” veteran NBC announcer Tim Daggett gushed as Biles was standing at the end of the vault runway during the 2021 Olympic games. Midway through the jump, in the air, she bailed:…

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