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Mental Health

Tragic Optimism and Non-Dual Thinking

Is it better to focus only on the positive…or expect life to be hard? Research suggests the idea of “tragic optimism” — holding space for both pain and joy — can help you to bounce back better from tough times, and is key to finding joy and meaning in life. The case for tragic optimism…

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Don’t Trust Your Gut Unless It’s Calibrated

Imagine you are walking down a dimly lit street at night in a foreign city. Your shoulders tense up, unease courses through your body, and you become hyper-aware. Just about any sound grabs your attention. You notice strangers, especially if they come too close. You are on high alert: not because of some deliberate decision,…

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The Difference Between Judging Your Experience and Living It

If you stop whatever you are doing and ask yourself, Am I happy? odds are, you won’t be as happy as you just were. The worst way to be happy is to ask yourself if you are happy. Same goes for all kinds of desirable experiences. The more you wonder if your relationship is the right one,…

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Don’t Let Your Strengths Become Your Downfall

Read enough business or self-help books and they’ll inevitably tell you to identify your strengths. This is a good starting point. Understanding what makes you good at what you do allows you to take on the right challenges. It enhances your productivity and allows you to rise through the ranks. But your strengths often become…

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