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Mental Health

What 6-Year-Olds Can Teach Us About Handling Adversity

Adults often look down upon children. Not in a mean-spirited type of way, but more so in holding the belief that kids are fragile and need of protection from the harshness of life. Yet, it’s often the other way around. It’s the kids who are adaptable and the adults who are fragile. Facing a return…

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Self-Absorption on Social Media is Making us Sick

In one of his more popular short stories, on “The Depressed Person,” David Foster Wallace wrote that they are “far too self-involved” to form nourishing and meaningful relationships. The story goes on to argue, and quite convincingly, that perhaps the worst part of depression is the ego becoming both obsessed with itself and turning on…

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Is Technology Alienating You From Real Life?

A new technology drops. Some people immediately adopt it, assuming all that is new is good. Other people immediately shun it, assuming all that is new is bad. Neither of these approaches is ideal. There is a middle—and better—way. It has to do with the concept of evaluating alienation. In the simplest terms, alienation means…

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