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Mental Health

Motivation is Over-Rated: Here’s What Works Instead

Conventional wisdom says that positive thinking, enthusiastic mood states, and inspiration are key to a good and productive life. But that’s not entirely true, at least not according to the latest psychological science. A more accurate representation of the relationship between motivation and action is this: you don’t need to feel good to get going—you…

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Seeing Clearly in a Delusional World

Most of us have what I like to call “Uncle Rico” or “Al Bundy” stories. The person who insists, like those two fictional characters, that if only they hadn’t gotten hurt, or had gotten that first audition, or had someone listen to their mixtape, that they, too, would have made it. You may even have…

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Distorted Expectations Are Ruining Your Reality

This past week, an internal Facebook document was released which showed, essentially, that Instagram is toxic, and Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, is well aware. One internal Facebook slide stated, “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls.” Sadly, this isn’t a surprise. Instagram creates a false reality: a highlight reel of…

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How to Stay Grounded in a Frantic and Frenetic World

Even before the pandemic people were feeling their work was unsustainable. Many were on the edge of burnout, overwhelmed by the frenetic energy of today’s world. It is helpful to have language for what this is, how it works, and what you can do about it. The Problem: Heroic Individualism. Heroic individualism is an ongoing…

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