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High-Performance Habits

The Myth of “One Percent Better Every Day”

Every year around January first, a popular notion of getting just a percent or two better every day spreads far and wide. It sounds great, but it’s often unrealistic, especially if you are already skilled to begin with. For example, try telling these people to get just a percent or two better every day: Someone…

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Two Simple But Underused Rules for Progress in Anything

My family just got a new puppy. An adorable, little—for now, anyways—German Shepherd. Sleep hasn’t been great. Ananda needs to go out at least once in the middle of night, and sometimes more. This is the first time since my son was an infant, a few years back now, that I’ve gone to bed knowing…

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Fake Work is Easy and Alluring, Real Work is Hard

When you are a writer and you sit down at your desk with a massive project ahead of you, all sorts of alternative items that you could work on arise. Your deadline isn’t for months, but you know you need to get something done, so answering relevant e-mails or making an outline for the seventh…

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A Minimum Effective Dose for Sustainable Success

Let’s start with a simple fitness story, and expand from there: About two years ago, for a wide variety of reasons—including time, mental energy, and a calf that becomes painful and explodes with repetitive motion—I decided to shift my armchair athleticism from running to strength training. I went from running 50 miles per week to…

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