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High-Performance Habits

Performance and Wellbeing Concepts Are Like Tools in a Toolkit

If you are in a hole, feeling acutely down and at a loss of meaning, it is probably not helpful to reflect on your purpose, engage in positive visualization, or write in a gratitude journal. A better bet is to accept what is happening in a non judgmental manner, practice self-compassion, and reach out for…

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How to Be Great at Being Consistent

If you go for broke you often end up broke. If you swing for home runs you often end up striking out. But if you just put the ball in play—over and over again—good things tend to happen. Consistency is a topic I’ve been thinking about often. Coming out of a COVID-19 winter, there has been…

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Making the Difficult Appear Easy

This past weekend Simone Biles pulled off an athletic feat that had never been seen before in women’s gymnastics: the Yurchenko double pike. In simplistic terms, while her competitors generally flip 1.5 times when coming off the vault, Simone rotated a full 2.5 times. All without an escape plan.  “Unlike other Yurchenko vaults, where the…

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