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High-Performance Habits

How to Balance Pacing With Really Going For It

The day you launch a book feels like sprinting an all-out mile; it’s a full on push—emails, social media posts, podcasts, columns, radio shows, responding to early readers, and more. The only thing is this: at the end of the all-out mile, you find yourself on the start-line of a 5K, which is launch week,…

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Put On Your Game Face

“There is who you are as a football player, and then, there is who you are as a human being, and the two for me, were just really different. I almost felt like I had an alter ego. I wanted to be Johnny Football. Johnny Football never had a bad time. So, when people asked…

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Good Enough vs. Great

Anyone can burn bright for a few days, weeks, months, or maybe even a year. But burning bright over the long haul requires consistency. And trying to be great all the time usually leads to illness, injury, and burnout. It also creates a lot of tension and stress. But if you can string together a…

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The Benefits of Perfectly Imperfect Practice

“I want you to reach out with your lower leg and slam your heel into the ground when you run.” I was standing at the track with a coach who was telling me to do something that every coach with whom I had ever worked—from junior high to the pros— had advised against. Conventional wisdom…

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