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Flipping the Switch to Compete.

After a recent workout, one of my college athletes came up to me and said something that stuck with me. “This is normal Steve. Easy going, mild. But halfway through the workout, I looked over and you had this look of intensity that I hadn’t seen in you. And I was like, oh that was 4:01…

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The Key to a Good Life? Lose Yourself in Something.

One of the best feelings in the world is losing your attachment to yourself. So much of our time is spent in self-focused ways. What happens if I do this? Or that? Doubt. Fear. Self-judgement. The judgement of others against ourselves. Planning. Scheming. It’s a whole lot of I, I, and I. You get the point. Yet there’s a paradox:…

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The Great Paradox of Peak Performance

Peak performance happens as a result of trying really hard, and then not trying at all. It’s a paradox. I’ve never met someone who has described a breakthrough performance as effortful or straining or tight. It’s the opposite: when people are at their best—whether it’s on the playing field, in the workplace, or in the artist’s…

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The Fascinating Science of Belief

Marathon season is here, which means runners across the country are obsessing over how they can make even the most marginal performance gains. Although I’m skeptical of supplements, there is one that boasts a strong record of effectiveness, carries virtually no downside, and is not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Its use among the…

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