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Feeling Stressed? Zoom Out.

What do you do when it feels like it’s all going wrong? When your mind spirals towards negativity, when your thoughts get locked into a pattern of rumination and catastrophizing, when you get stuck in inaction, ready to hit the eject button on the speech you are about to give, the race you are running,…

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To Perform Better, Own Your Space

There’s something different about playing at home. It feels familiar, welcoming, and less threatening. Back in my competitive running days, whenever I competed at my home track, it was as if I knew every inch of the track surface. Sure, every track is the same distance, but on your home track, it’s a different kind…

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Setting Goals that Work For You, Not Against

Growing up as an athlete, I lived off goals. They were specific, measurable, and outcome-focused. When I was 14 years old they were on my bulletin board, daily reminders of what I wanted to accomplish. As accomplishing my running goals became harder and harder, and the personal bests started to dwindle, specific goals started to…

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Being Clutch Isn’t Magic, It’s A Trainable Skill

We all know the clutch athlete when we see them. The Michael Jordan’s of the world who seemingly will their team to victory. The quarterback who comes through time and time again, engineering winning drives as if they’re routine. The athletes who rise to the occasion, improving their performance when the game is on the…

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