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Drive and Passion

Competing When All Hope Is Lost

Competing is easy when you’re in the mix. When your goal is within reach, when you have a shot at winning, finding that extra ounce of energy, that burst of motivation, comes naturally. It’s not hard to be a ‘tough’ competitor when you have a shot. You’re fully engaged in the task, ready to take…

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Humility and Curiosity, Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Whenever a new season of The Crown drops, Wikipedia searches for Queen Elizabeth and associated Royal family members increase by five-fold. A tsunami of google searches about Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and specific historical circumstances washes over the internet. All of the sudden, millions of people are interested in long-forgotten events, such as…

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Growth Comes From Discomfort

Lebron James is arguably the best basketball player on the planet. It would be easy for him to play to his strengths. But in 2014, he added a new element to practice. A one-on-one contest where buckets only counted if you shot off the wrong foot and with the wrong hand. James was minimizing a…

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