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Drive and Passion

To Perform Better, Be Joyfully Deliberate.

What does a high-performance environment look like? Depending on where you go to answer this question, you might be met with descriptions such as obsessive and relentless work ethic, high expectations and standards, excellence, optimizing everything, and accountability. The picture that often comes to mind is a place that demands perfection, or at least as…

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The Dangers of Going All-In

By all accounts, it seemed like a success story. At 17 years old, he’d bet on himself. He and his brother packed their bags and moved from the comparatively affluent New Zealand to Kenya, home of the top runners in the world. What better way to pursue your dreams than immerse yourself with the best?…

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Balancing Competitiveness and Letting Go

Michael Jordan’s competitiveness is legendary. There was the time when at one of Jordan’s basketball camps, OJ Mayo, who was then 17, told a 42-year old Jordan that he couldn’t guard him. Jordan stopped the camp, sent everyone to bed, and told the young kid, “You may be the best HS player, but I’m the best…

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3 Evidence Based Strategies For Setting Goals and Resolutions

Heading into a new year is a great time to take stock of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Yes, it’s true that January first is an arbitrary time to evaluate your life and make big decisions. But it is also true that even these artificial, man-made segments of time can be powerful. The…

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