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Drive and Passion

Competition to Promote Excellence

A few nights ago, a familiar scene: after the Boston Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA playoffs, all of the players were chatting, smiling, and hugging it out in the immediate aftermath of the game. It is a starkly different atmosphere from a few decades ago, when, if there was any contact between…

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The Case for Ambition

There is increasing momentum behind a movement that I’ll call broadly “anti-ambition.” I think this is misguided. We need ambition. For example, I am certainly glad Kati Kariko, the researcher who worked tirelessly for years pushing the science of mRNA until vaccines were finally developed, was ambitious. I think Kariko is a prime example of the fact that if you are…

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How Failure Can Unlock Performance

Maddie had just failed. She walked on the start line ranked third in the 10k, attempting to go from barely making the team as a walk-on to securing a medal at the conference championship. The race started out well, but a little past halfway, she saw her hopes slipping away. She faded to thirteenth place,…

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Can You Be Great Without Being Obsessed?

In my performance coaching, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Can I reach my full potential without being obsessive?” It doesn’t matter if it’s an athlete or executive, driven individuals often believe that the only way to reach success is to go all-in, work like a maniac, and grind as if…

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