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Core Values

The Truth About Quiet Quitting

The term “quiet quitting” has become a thing. It all started with a seventeen second TikTok video that went viral, in which the narrator says “it is not outright quitting your job but quitting the idea of going above and beyond at work.” Since then, quiet quitting has been covered by The Washington Post, The New…

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Finding Meaning in Our Never Enough Culture

Let’s start with a simple question: If you are hungry, distracted, and rushed, and someone places two bowls in front of you—one of brown rice and baked potatoes, the other of peanut M&Ms and Swedish fish—which one would you choose? If you are like most people, you’d probably choose the candy. This is by no…

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Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

In 2019, only 35 percent of fourth-graders were proficient, on-level readers. After a year and a half of pandemic altered learning, various reports suggest that kids are months, if not years, behind where they should be. In classrooms across the country, we’ve got an alarmingly high number of third-graders who are reading at a first-grade…

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Making Sense of Who We Are

Nine years. Nine freaking years. That’s how long this cloud has been a part of my life, hanging over my head, the potential for a storm to erupt always in the back of my mind. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go: In 2012, I blew the whistle on anti-doping…

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