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Core Values

Why People’s “Deeply Held” Values Can Change So Quickly

This is what I stand for. These are my principles, my values. A common line we’ve all heard, and probably said ourselves, many times before. We tend to think of principles and values as items that are stable and consistent. We believe in something, and that belief holds true across a long period of time. We…

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Put Your Ego Aside; Play The Long Game

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln ran for US Senator of Illinois against Stephen Douglas, a man who Lincoln held little sympathy for. About Douglas, he once remarked, “He does not quite know himself. Like a skillful gambler, he will play for all the chances . . . He never lets the logic of principle displace the…

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The Power of Trust Your Training

I recently started reading a new book called Trust. Written by Pete Buttigieg, it argues that a loss of trust in each other and in our institutions is causing severe harm in many developed countries, including America. I am not here to do a political analysis. If you want that, read Pete’s book. It’s very…

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