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Core Values

Want to Do Better and Feel Better? Pay Attention.

I’ve been on a bit of a George Saunders binge. For those who don’t know, Saunders is an American writer most known for his short stories and, more recently, novels, including the popular Lincoln in the Bardo. In his latest book, A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, Saunders lays out his system for writing. What…

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The Limits of Growth and When Smaller is Better

For myriad reasons, the culture of the past two decades has been obsessed with growth. I am going to call this the growth era. In the growth era, it doesn’t so much matter what you are growing—your company, your audience, your income, your network, your muscles, or the size of your house—but just that you…

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Stop Talking About Your Values If You Aren’t Acting On Them

Nike released an advertisement this week that was well-presented, with an incredibly powerful and much-needed message. The ad featured a montage of pregnant women exercising and moving, with the uplifting message that they, too, are athletes. We see video of mothers at every stage of life’s wonderful journey, from pregnancy to post-partum. Included are cameos…

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Why People’s “Deeply Held” Values Can Change So Quickly

This is what I stand for. These are my principles, my values. A common line we’ve all heard, and probably said ourselves, many times before. We tend to think of principles and values as items that are stable and consistent. We believe in something, and that belief holds true across a long period of time. We…

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