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The Power of the People Around You

An enormous part of self-improvement are the people whom you surround yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time at world-class organizations — in sport, places that produce numerous Olympic medals; in work, places that invent groundbreaking new products and services. What sets the best apart from the rest isn’t cutting-edge technology, ritzy facilities, or even great individual athletes,…

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The Incredible Power Of Friendship

I’ve been thinking about friendship a lot lately. So many of the digital devices that supposedly connect us are leaving many of us, myself included, feeling a bit lonely. Yes, it’s true that email, text messaging, and social media can be enjoyable and beneficial, and that they can spawn wonderful relationships. (I met the coauthor of my book on Twitter…

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You Can Be Happy and Lonely At the Same Time

Thanks to the proliferation of digital technologies, never has it been so easy and inexpensive to reach — pretty much anywhere and at any time — family, friends, and colleagues. I regularly Facebook-message with a Sherpa friend who lives in Nepal; use Twitter to get real-time updates from an athlete I coach who lives in…

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The Two Keys to Forming Habits—and Making Them Stick

Over the past decade or so, there’s been a steady stream of science about your habits. Much of this has been detailed in bestselling books like The Power of Habit and Atomic Habits. The gist is that human behavior follows a predictable cycle: Trigger → behavior → reward. A simple example is exercise. The trigger could be your…

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