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Creating Team Cohesion That Actually Works

There is something special about being part of a sports team. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about little league baseball or playing at an elite level, being a part of a team has this sort of magic to create bonds and cohesion that supersedes whatever else is going on in the moment. For a…

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Morality is Contagious

At the age of 21, an outfielder burst into the big leagues, drilling over 30 home runs in his rookie season. He wasn’t a sure-fire prospect, having been drafted in the 15th round. But by the age of 24, he’d have an MVP award and a world series title under his belt. Yet, his contribution…

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Driven Apart or Coming Together: It’s Our Choice

In 1954, two separate groups of 11-year olds arrived at a sprawling 200-acre Boy Scout camp in Oklahoma. Both groups of children arrived at the camp, unaware of the existence of the other. For the first week, each group spent their days doing traditional summer camp activities; games, hikes, and swimming. They grew close to…

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Three Experiments That Show We are Born to Belong

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in a chair at the center of a room, with dozens of your peers surrounding you. All eyes are on you, as the boss-man standing across the way begins to speak. “You will never make it in this business. You don’t have the skill. You are too…

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