CAL NEWPORT on The Moral Weight of Working, Not Working, and Bragging About Both


Some people love to grind and work long days and on the weekends.  Some people like never to work outside of traditional hours. Some people  like to brag about how much they work. Other people like to brag about  how little they work. When should we work? Is there such a thing as too  much work? Too little work? Our good friend, colleague, and always  critical thinker Cal Newport (author of Deep Work, Digital Minimalism, and A World Without Email) joins  us for a wide-ranging discussion on work. Part philosophical theory,  part cultural critique, and part pragmatic, this episode is for everyone  who “works,” which, as you’ll see, is all of us.

  • Brad’s blog post on the topic is here.
  • More on Cal Newport, his podcast, and his books is here.

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